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SOUND - adjective
1. free from injury, damage, defect, disease
2. competent, sensible, or valid
3. having no defect as to truth, justice, wisdom, or reason
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Eric Bennet (feat. Tamia),
A Day in the Life

Can I just see you every morning when I open my eyes? Can I just feel your heart beating beside me every night and every day? Can we just feel this way together ‘till the end of all time? Can I just spend my life with you?

Now, baby, the days and the weeks and the years will roll by but nothing will change the love inside of you and I. ¬†And baby, I’ll never find any words that could explain just how much my heart, my life, my soul you’ve changed.

Can you run to these open arms when no one else understands? Can we tell God and the whole world I’m your woman and you’re my man? Can’t you just feel how much I love you with one touch of my hand? Can I just spend my life with you?