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SOUND - adjective
1. free from injury, damage, defect, disease
2. competent, sensible, or valid
3. having no defect as to truth, justice, wisdom, or reason
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Maroon 5,

I count the ways I let you down, all my fingers and toes but I’m running out. Clever words can’t help me now. I tipped your attack but you’re slipping out and I remember your eyes were so bright when I first met you. So in love that night and now I’m kissing your tears goodnight. And I can’t take it, you’re even perfect when you cry.”

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You turned your back on tomorrow ‘cause you forgot yesterday. I gave you my love to borrow but just gave it away. You can’t expect me to be fine. I don’t expect you to care. I know I’ve said it before but all of our bridges burned down. I’ve wasted my nights. You turned out the lights. Now, I’m paralyzed, still stuck in that time when we called it love. But, even the sun sets in paradise.”

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