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SOUND - adjective
1. free from injury, damage, defect, disease
2. competent, sensible, or valid
3. having no defect as to truth, justice, wisdom, or reason
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If losing this game still won me the bronze, I’ll sell both our tickets. We’ll sit on the lawns and hey, be cool for the interview. I don’t recall the question, but clearly the answer was you. Oh yeah, you all along.”

Watch her rise above the wreckage. See her fly through glass. See the world spin round again, again, again. Don’t waste your beautiful life.

Down here, watch her rise above the wreckage, south of 64, graceful arms - bent and broken - were meant for something more.”

They say parting is such sweet sorrow but I’m still looking for the sweet. I feel just like a baby now. These tears don’t miss a beat and I’d rather be anyone but here, and any place else but me.”

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Remy Zero,
Villa Elaine

So what if you catch me, where would we land in somebody’s life for taking his hands? Sing to me hope as she’s thrown on the sand. All of our work is rated again. Where to go?

And you were somehow the rain this thing could allow. I tried but it’s all wrong. You’re so strong and this life and work and choice took far too long. Where to go? Tonight a sun shall see its light.

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The Bravery,
The Sun and the Moon

I am so homesick now for someone that I never knew. I am so homesick now for someplace I will never be.

Time won’t let me go. Time won’t let me go. If I could do it all again, I’d go back and change everything but time won’t let me go.

I never had a ‘Summer of 69;’ never had a Cherry Valance of my own. All these precious moments you promised me would come in time. So, where was I when I missed mine?

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Shwayze & Cisco,
Island In The Sun

I wanna hold your hand like an old school jam and you’re a classic. Can I be your man? We can dance in the sand ‘till the tide rolls in and when the sun sets, let’s do it again. If you upset, I can show you how to grin. If you wanna dance, just tell me where and when. Babe, when the party ends is when it all just begins.”

Om nashi me. I love you. And I love you forever. And I’m loving you now.

A shout-out I give to those who made the Good Blog Awards’ Pinoy_Blogfest3.0 possible (Gadgets Magazine, Coca-Cola Philippines, Ciudad, Reebok, Taken by Cars, Pedicab, Color It Red, and Downdraft). Thank you for the freebies and rewards for TheSoundVitamin. I was all giddy with excitement for these sur-prizes (even our little Snoop has been happily snooping around the items)! Thank you for helping this audioblog become more than it already is. Another shout-out for those who follow and support TSV. You guys are awesome.

Most of all, thank you LORD for another dosage of happy vibes amidst being sick today. :) You always give me a reason to praise you through the good times and the tough ones.